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Top 10 Best Telephone Number Lookup Websites

Telephone number lookup is one of the easiest and fastest ways in order to find anyone who owns a certain number. Whether it is a cellphone number or a telephone number or even just a name or email including area code, it is possible to find the person. One of the useful function of reverse phone lookup is to trace miscalls, prank calls and any unidentified form of calls. Another feature of reverse phone lookup is to get information of certain addresses with the help of area code lookup which is included in a telephone number lookup service. If you try to use the Google search engine about phone number search, it leads you to broad links and sometimes it’s to annoying to choose the right website you are going to avail service about number lookup. Not all reverse phone lookup service is free because basically they are paid sites.

Those paid sites actually offers a free service but then, you can only get basic information. If you try to ask for deeper or private information, you have to pay the service. To avoid this issue, we are giving you the list of top 10 best free reverse phone lookup sites:

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1. Spokeo telephone number lookupWe put it number one because this is the best tested reverse phone lookup website which we highly recommend. They offer all the possible services of a reverse phone lookup like finding the owner of a certain number both cellphone and a telephone number. They have also email and name lookup. They are the most accurate lookup service in terms of results of information. The process of data is very fast. Very simple interface and it is complete. Though this site offers free result for basic information, .95 dollar to avail their full access in their database is worth it. In addition, they offers a full money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their service and this thing made them awesome.

2. White Pagestelephone number lookup is one of the choice for many people when it comes to phone number search. They are an extensive online US base directory. They claim to have listings for over 200 million number directories of the entire America and Canada. Their site includes a free reverse phone lookup service alongside reverse address lookup, as well as the option to perform a regular search by name.
3. Reverse Phone Lookuptelephone number lookup this site has a user friendly interface that is very easy to understand even if it’s your first time to use a reverse phone lookup. They offer free service and they specialized in locating a phone number. They also offer an area code search so if you are trying to find information about area codes this website is pretty good. They give you basic information but if you want to have more detailed results about your need, you can pay for their service.
4. Any Whotelephone number lookup


this is another great free phone number search service available online. It is similar to white pages. It is very easy to use and its searches of cell phones and landline numbers are detailed. It allows user to enter a phone number and immediately lookup to whom it is registered. It provides the caller name, its location on the map and much more information.

5.Pipltelephone number lookup it works in a little bit variations of functions compare to other reverse phone lookup websites. Almost all these sites such as white pages, yellow pages have their own directory registered phone numbers while pipl uses search engine results to find out the information related to a number. It also provides you some more options in enter search field such as name, email id, user name or phone number. It would  be a very simple process but sometimes it can also provide you some quality and real results. The interface is precise but high speed in performance

6. True Callertelephone number lookup unlike any other telephone  number lookup search website, this is a totally free web and application reverse lookup service. You can use it to find out the detail of only mobile number. You can join their community and then find out details by country. It is available both on web as well as mobile platform such as Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry.
7. Addressestelephone number lookup By its name itself, the service being offered in this website focused in address lookup service but still offers a telephone number lookup service. Their data base is filled with bunch of information about addresses. They also have area code searches. Again they are not specialized in phone number lookup.
8. Phonebookstelephone number lookup This site gets its source from the combined list of verities of all kinds of phone books like residential phonebook and a business phonebook. It includes easy options for landline numbers. Though it has a limited service when it comes to cellphone, it also renders some cellphone numbers according to what is listed in their database.
9. Phone Detectivetelephone number lookupCompared common paid telephone number lookup services, this is quite cheap and a 90% faster. It was specialized in cellphone number lookup service. It also offers you free reverse phone lookup but then the reality is that it’s not totally free.
10.American Directory Onlinetelephone number lookup to tell you honestly, our website also renders both paid and free reverse phone lookup service. The database generated in our site comes from one of the biggest and latest phone number directory database of entire U.S.A. and CANADA. We summed up all possible services of reverse phone lookup like finding the owner of a certain phone number, searching for an email or even a given name, even details of all area codes. Each area code prefix will provide you detailed information or to be more frank, if you are looking for a record of a criminal, we support such search. To make it easy for you, you can use the entire banners (see banners above and at the right side) in this page. Just type whatever your need in the search bars provided in the banners. Be ready for awesome results.

How about your own opinion about top lists reverse phone lookup? Do you have any suggestions or tips? If so, please feel free to leave comments below and I will make sure I consider it.

Area Code 703

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What is a Telephone Number

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Ever wondered about telephone lookup? You might have thought about how things are being processed with those digits that you have – or do others have that appear in your gadget. So whether your telephone line is wired or wireless, you have this unique digit assigned to you. Think about it – you have your specific telephone number digit that is distinct from others. So, when someone calls you and your telephone number is dialed, you will certainly be the destination of the call. There are features of telephone numbers that you need to understand for a better knowledge of telephone numbers. Read More